Spider-Man Homecoming Trailer

Sony has officially released the second trailer for Spider-Man: Homecoming, and it’s a bit more of a letdown. We get quite a bit more of a breakdown for the story, this time around, but something about it didn’t quite have the character that the first trailer did. It wasn’t quite as charming to me, focusing more on the conflict of Spider-Man wanting so bad to be an Avenger, that he’s willing to unknowingly endanger the lives of NYC citizens to be a hero.

Michael Keaton is continuing to obviously relish in the role of being a villain, and it’s pretty great to see him having so much fun. Iron Man takes up half the trailer, just to drive home that this is a Marvel Cinematic Universe film, and Tony Stark has a lot to do in this movie. When they brought RDJ aboard, I was expecting much less screentime than this. More of a cameo than anything, but it would appear he is most certainly a focal point of the film. We’ll just have to see how much that truly ends up being.

The suit still seems to be a massive focal point of the film, as well with the Stark brand suit being taken away midway through the trailer, and most likely near the end of the second act. After that, we see Peter Parker get back to his roots, and believing in himself and his abilities. Trusting that he can take down the villains causing issues for his city using only his handmade costume, and his superpowers. I’m super excited to see this film, albeit a bit less so than Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 2, which looks like the greatest movie ever. My fingers are crossed, because so far it’s been a fantastic year for movies.


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